Norm Johnson

Profession: Chief at Enhanced Coaching
Registered Dietitian – IFBB Prep Coach

Phil Chiero AKA “Slin Desil”

ISSA Certified PT since 2010 – 2015 Overall winner Muscle Evolution Men’s Bodybuilding – 2015 1st place light heavy at LA Championships – 2015 USA’s 18th out of 45 light heavy class. 2016 USA’s Top 10 light heavy’s. Taking year off to grow into heavyweight class.

IFBB Pro BodyBuilder Cane Bishop

 “When one believes WE all achieve”

A Texas native, Cane holds a wide variety of certifications. NASM, Health and Life coach to TRX training. Cane is a very motivating individual, takes pride in ensuring his clients are happy, healthy and achieving success.

Cane started his career off by winning his first 7 shows including 4 overalls. Cane earned his pro card at the 2016 Miami Nationals in the light heavy class. Cane’s made a huge impact at the 2017 NY Pro earning a very respectable 6th place.

Thomas Miller

Please meet Thomas @theall_american. Thomas has always been a great athlete and always placed very well at shows. 2017 EC chief Norm took over Thomas training and his next show he won the overall Mens Classic at the 2017 Central Cal. Thomas went straight to Miami Nationals and earned a very respectful 6th place out of 33 guys in his class. Thomas has taken what he has learned from his contest prep’s and implemented it to his own clients with great results